Inx...the industry's only true, hybrid digital signing solution.

The Inx digital signing solution delivers all of the benefits of a modern, digital closing experience while still meeting the demands of today's heavily regulated closing environment.

Why Use Inx?

These are just some of the benefits of the Inx digital signing solution.

Low Cost of Entry

A minimal investment and absolutely no document field definition is required to get started with Inx.

Effortless Adoption

Inx will seamlessly integrate into your current closing processes with little or no change so implementation is easy!

Quick to Deploy

The Inx solution is intuitive and requires very little training or configuration so you will be up and running quickly!

Amazing Features

Reduces Fraud

Date and time stamped pen strokes are linked to GPS signing coordinates and photos can easiliy be attached to verify identity.

Highly Flexible

With Inx, collect both electronic and wet-ink signatures while signing multiple documents simultaneously.

Increases Efficiency

Minimize internal processing costs and trailing document requests with the Inx solution.

The Inx Digital Signing Solution

Combining innovative technology with an intuitive digital pen, Inx offers the most flexible digital signing solution available today for real estate closings by capturing both electronic and wet-ink signatures on every document.